Paul D. Hammond III

Black Valley Scholarship

Deadline: Applications Closed
Scholarship Amount: $1,500
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One of TDCF’s mantras is that there’s No Time For Fear. When having big dreams and goals, it’s easy for doubt to settle in. We’ve seen time and time again however, that throughout history, the people who have chose to overcome their doubts and fears have accomplished some of the most legendary breakthroughs. Paul D. Hammond, was an entrepreneur who constantly pushed the envelope by exploring the unknown. Paul didn’t believe in boundaries, his desire to change the face of tech and empower others was inspiring to all who knew Paul. TDCF will be honoring Paul’s legacy by allowing his resilient spirit to continue to impact the world.
Three scholars will be selected to receive this scholarship.
The funds for this scholarship will be awarded to someone who meets the following criteria:

1. Student must be in good standing and pursuing an undergraduate degree full-time at a Historically Black College and University

2. Must be planning a career in technology or a related field.

3. U.S. citizen exhibiting a need for financial or economic support

4. A completed application including essays sent to
To our donors,

In loving memory of Paul D. Hammond III., we thank you for your investment in impacting someone else's life and the legacy of our special person.